Think Free

Think Free

Massive collection of on demand lessons,
The classics are lectures,
Words and phrases that’s how they raised me,
Think free was their era,

Black power, black knowledge,
fist in the air,
all natural hair,

The struggle is real was more than a phrase,
And Islam lasted more than a phase.

Think free yeah that’s real,
On fleek, super trill, trap queens, nawwhatmean and what not,
basketball wives with no rings, advertisements, magazines, primetime on screen.

I get it.


Reject THIS.
Conclude THIS.
Analyze THIS.
Exactly as I would.
You should.

Think free they teach me,
Think free exactly like me,
Dress like me,
Vote like me,
Buy the brand of butta’ that I taught you to buy,
Read what I read,
Need what I need,
Think how I think,
but be free.

Think free.

The poem Think Free is about having an upbringing that has encouraged you to think free of societal brainwashing and pop culture trends, yet in doing so being conditioned to adopt a particular set of thoughts, ideas and values.  True free thinking is the ability to develop independent thought and opinion. And only once we’ve done this can we truly know ourselves, love ourselves and know what we want in life to be happy.



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